leaking air ducts, air duct, HVAC, cooling and heating, home not coolingA functioning air conditioner is essential for your home or office during the hot summer months.  If you are experiencing times when your home or office is uncomfortably warm, and the AC is on, then don’t call your friend or some guy.  Call Reliable Electric because I Know A Guy…schedule a time best for you and send one of our licensed electricians to troubleshoot the problem with your HVAC system.  We’ve found that it is possible for cool air to be circulating from you unit, and your home or office remains hot.

Part One What Could Be Preventing Cooling

Leaking Ducts:  The most reoccurring reason why your AC isn’t cooling your home or office is leaking ducts.  Simply…the cooled air isn’t reaching the work or living space.  Worst of all we’ve found that leaking ducts allow cool air to escape to the outdoors and between walls.  In short, your HVAC unit will run harder to cool the space, cause a rising electricity bill. 


Wrong AC Size:  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for most air conditioners to be installed without first analyzing the BTU output needed to cool the space.  Reliable Electric HVAC technicians know how to determine the correct HVAC size required to cool your home or office.  Can a unit get your space too cold?  Yes and that same unit may be unable to eliminate the humidity from the air.  A rule of thumb is…Too many BTUs may cause clamminess.     


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