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It’s summertime here at the beach, the time that both temperature and humidity levels rise.  Wondering what you can do to cool your living or work space?  The moving air doesn’t actually lower the temperature of your home or office, but it does create a cooling effecting, making you feel as if the temperature in the room is lowered by 10°F.     As the only distributor on the Grand Strand for Big Ass Fans, we are the experts pairing air conditioning and energy-efficient fans.



Our fans not only look different, but they are powered by award-winning revolutionary technology.   In fact, Big Ass Fans were Big Ass Fansrecently rated by Energy Star as the world’s most energy efficient.   Browse our collection for the home and please call us for other options.

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The designers of Big Ass Fans recognized the need to heat and cool a space of any size.  Therefore they designed an award-winning fan with exacting engineering and silent operation to make your workspace comfortable.  Browse our collection for the office and please don’t hesitate to call with questions.  Big Ass Fans

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