As a homeowner, do you understand how your heating system works? To keep your home warm during the winter, you need a functioning heating system (HVAC).

Let The Professionals
Here are a few items you should have a professional inspect to make sure your unit is working at peak performance.
1. Check for leaks in seals and inspect ductwork             HVAC, hvac units, service hvac, hvac air, duct hvac, system hvac, hvac parts, hvac technician, hvac tech, hvac air conditioning, license hvac, hvac commercial, cost hvac, slow moving air coming from my home hvac, residential hvac, myrtle beach hvac, grand strand hvac, hvac government rebates, hvac filters, heating and cooling unit, how tomake your outside heating and cooling unit last, heating cooling unit, single room heating cooling units, packaged heating cooling units, air heat cool unit, window heating cooling unit, small heating cooling unit, rheem heating cooling unit, portable heating cooling unit, outside heating cooling unit fronting up, heil heating cooling unit, geothermal heating cooling unit, trane heating cooling untis, rudd heating cooling units
2. Clean or replace the air filter
3. Clean and check the motor and blower
4. Testing HVAC safety controls
5. Testing pressure switches

Let The Homeowners
As the homeowner, there are things you can do to help your HVAC heating unit run better and save on energy.

Senior male reaching up to open filter holder for air conditioning filter in ceiling
1. Check ductworks for leaks and make sure it’s properly insulated and sealed
2. Change your indoor air filters monthly
3. Purchase an HVAC heating unit that is energy efficient
4. Clean blades and other external components of your ceiling fans
5. When mowing the yard- Don’t allow grass or leaves to spray into your HVAC system

If you have further questions on your home’s heating and cooling, call Reliable Electric and Heating & Air.

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