It’s about that time of year when there are more electrical storms.  During these storms, your prized home electronics are at danger.  The instant there is a power surge; typically televisions and computers can be ruined.

What Causes Surges?

  1. Your utility company switching from one distribution system to anotherpower surge, surge protection, Myrtle Beach, electrician,
  2. Lightning striking nearby
  3. A small animal like a squirrel can damage a power line
  4. Powering on or off heavy machinery

Knowing that a surge can enter a home, fry the circuit breaker, and then spread to other outlets can create costly repairs and replacements.  Sudden surges of electricity often cripple appliances that are plugged directly into the structures electrical system.  Call Reliable Electric to install your Whole House Surge Protection to protect both small and large items. Let us help you keep your plugged-in computer, iPad, iPhone, and television from being damaged by a power surge.

What is Whole House Surge Protection?

  • The main electrical service panel is where we install the surge protectors.  The electrical service panel is home to circuit breakers and fuses.
  • We install a suppressor that will channel any extra electricity during a power surge.  The suppressor blocks the surge from damaging the main system.
  • Next surge protection power strips are placed for appliances.  The strips are protectors but on a smaller scale.

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To learn more about the benefits of Whole House Surge Protection or how surge protectors work ask one of our licensed electricians or click here.

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