You can easily lessen the amount of pollen you inhale in by running the air conditioning in your home or car.  Extreme allergy suffers can often sport an exercise mask or scarf to cover the mouth and nose.  For those that think a scarf and mask is a tad bit too much, consider applying a tiny amount of Vaseline just inside each nostril.  Most of the pollen will stick to the Vaseline before entering into your nose.

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Reduce Pollen From Entering Your Home

  • Close the windows during the evening or nighttime pollen shower.
  • Don’t sit, work, or sleep in rooms with fans, drafts, or vigorous movement.  It’s best for pollen allergy suffers to be in still air.
  • Consider purchasing a high quality air conditioning unit or air filter.  Needing a less expensive option, vacuum and wet-dust daily to decrease the amount of pollen residue.
  • Wash your hair before going to bed.  Pollen in your hair will attach to the pillow, and you will breathe it in as you sleep.  We also recommend changing your pillow case often during this season.
  • Line drying your clothes will collect pollen, so dry all laundry indoors.
  • Remember pollen can be trapped on the fur of your dog or cat, wiping them with a clean cloth and vacuuming is suggested to keep pollen particles out of your home.
  • If you must attend outside functions (gardens and parks), consult your healthcare professional to see if an anti-histamine required.
  • Garden clean up time.  We recommend removing any allergy culprits from your garden by pruning.
  • Mow the lawn.  Keep the grass low by regular moving will discourage the growth of flowers.

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