Now that the temperature is beginning to get cooler, it’s time to have your HVAC unit maintenanced. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have an HVAC heating system that’s unable to provide comfort when the weather is cooler. The tips outlined below will help you start the season off right, keep your home comfortable, and lower energy costs.

•Air filters should be inspected and replaced at least once a month. Not changing filters regularly can cause your system to work extra hard, which ultimately leads to an increase in your monthly utility cost. Also, a dirty filter allows pollutants to be circulated throughout your home.
•A programmable thermostat can help regulate your home’s comfort. These thermostats will keep your home’s temperature lower when your family is at work or school. You can even save on heating costs as you sleep when you program the thermostat to a lower heat setting. HVAC, hvac units, service hvac, hvac air, duct hvac, system hvac, hvac parts, hvac technician, hvac tech, hvac air conditioning, license hvac, hvac commercial, cost hvac, slow moving air coming from my home hvac, residential hvac, myrtle beach hvac, grand strand hvac, hvac government rebates, hvac filters, heating and cooling unit, how to make your outside heating and cooling unit last, heating cooling unit, single room heating cooling units, packaged heating cooling units, air heat cool unit, window heating cooling unit, small heating cooling unit, rheem heating cooling unit, portable heating cooling unit, outside heating cooling unit fronting up, heil heating cooling unit, geothermal heating cooling unit, trane heating cooling units, rudd heating cooling units,
•Insulate attics, crawlspaces, and basements. The insulation of these spaces will help regulate the temperature in your home without placing all of the burden on your heating system.
•Keep the area around your heating system maintained. It is important to keep the space around your unit clean and clear of debris (grass clippings, leaves, limbs, and excess dirt). We recommend up to 18 inches of clearance for peak performance.
•Don’t block vents. Make sure furniture and other household items aren’t blocking your vents. Not only does blocking your vents prevent warm air from circulating in your home, but it also places a strain on your heating unit.
•Let a professional maintain your HVAC. If you are currently having problems with your system, then call a professional at Reliable Electric. We will quickly pinpoint the problem as well as provide you with preventative maintenance solutions.
•Schedule a Fall Heating System Tune-up. September/October are the best times to schedule a tune-up for your heating system. Early detection can identify problems and eliminate expensive emergency repairs.

Even if the temperatures are still in the 80’s, let a professional at Reliable Electric take a look at your heating system. Our experienced technicians are equipped to take care of any task. Don’t let the first frosty night catch you off guard, leaving you to discover that your unit isn’t working. So before the chill sets in, call Reliable Electric and schedule your routine check up today!

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