The temperature this summer has been 95-degrees and up, and it has put a strain on both your wallet and air conditioner. Here’s a fact, typically residential air conditioners are built for traditional temperatures in the mid 80’s and designed to cool at least 20 degrees from the temperature outside. Knowing how hard your system has to work to keep your home cool, your air conditioner must be maintained by checking for correct refrigerant levels and cleaning your system.

AC Not Blowing Cool Air?
1. Make sure your thermostat temperature is set at least 5 degrees below your desired room temperature.
2. Confirm that your thermostat is set to “Cool” and not on “Off” or “Heat”.
3. Make sure your air filter isn’t dirty, if dirty it will block airflow to the inside unit.
4. Check the service switches to make sure electricity is going to your air conditioner. If any of the below switches are set to “Off”, then call us.

The electrical panel’s fuses or circuit breaker
Inside the AC unit next to the air handler
Outside the AC unit by the compressor

Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool
• To allow your AC to get a break, set your thermostat higher    ac, air conditioner, summer, HVAC,
• During the day keep your curtains closed or blinds down.
• Run the dishwasher or do laundry when it’s cooler outside.
• To prevent rising temperature in your home, don’t use your oven…grill out instead.
• Change dirty air filters.
• If there are shrubs around your air conditioning unit, then cut them back.
• Remember, closing too many vents in your home will not allow your system to dispense air properly.

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