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Temperatures are rising, and you don’t want your energy bill to skyrocket.  So let Reliable Electric, provide you with a few unorthodox cooling tips.  Try these 6 tips to keep you and your family stay cool during summer nights.

1)  Cold Feet Isn’t Just At A Wedding

Did you know your feet has lots and lots of pulse points?  A quick and easy way to immediately cool down your entire body is by placing them in ice cold water.  It’s even better if you do this before hitting the sack, for a while your body temperature will be lowered.

2)  Cotton…”The Fabric Of Our Life”

Well, it is a true slogan.   Try replacing your silk, polyester, or satin sheets with light-weight cotton sheets.  Cotton sheets are great for ventilation and a breathable fabric, sure to keep you cool while asleep.

3)  Grains Are Not Just For Eating

To help you stay cool during hot nights, purchase buckwheat pillows.  The fillings of these pillows will help absorb heat.  Use rice to make a cold compress on hot nights.  We know you are saying, “Huh?”  Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get a sock
  2. Fill it with rice
  3. Tie if off to prevent the rice from coming out
  4. Place the rice-filled sock in the freezer for 1-hour

Your rice/grain sock compress will stay cool for at least 30 minutes which is plenty of time for you to go nighty-night.

4)  Freeze Your Linen

Freezing your linen isn’t as wacky as it sounds.  To provide instant comfort during hot summer nights, do the following.

  1. Get a plastic bag
  2. Place your linen/sheets in the plastic bag
  3. Add a touch of your favorite aromatherapy
  4. Let sit in the freezer for 20 minutes
  5. Lastly place the linen/sheets on our bed


5)  DIY Iceboxes

You may recall your grandparents or great-grandparents sharing stories about how they had “actual” blocks of ice to keep their food cold.  Using that same concept can – help you stay cool too.  Fill a shallow roasting pan or bowl to the top with ice cubes.  Place it in front of your fan.  As the ice melts, the fan will pick up the cold water and create a cool mist.

6)  Dual Purpose Hot Water Bottle  

Use your hot water bottle to keep you cool during summer nights.  Simply fill the hot water bottle with water and place it in your freezer.  We suggest keeping the hot water bottle in the freezer until the liquid turns into a firm, solid, bed-friendly ice pack.

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