Before and After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Hurricane, Hurricane Arthur, Tropical Storm, Arthur

If you find your area under a tropical storm or hurricane watch, take steps to protect your air conditioning unit.  During a hurricane, it is important to turn your air conditioner off.  Why?  Constant power interruptions can cause serious damage if your unit isn’t shut off.

  • Turn the temperature down several degrees before the storm hits.  This allows your home or office to be “Pre-Cooled,” which is great when there is a loss of AC power.
  • Also turning off your unit helps protect your compressor and other components.
  • If you have a portable air conditioner with discharge ducts that exhaust through a window or AC window unit, always remove the unit or ducts and seal the opening.
  • If high winds are in the forecast, use hurricane straps to secure your outdoor air conditioner.
  • Your unit can be protected from flying debris by covering it with plywood or a tarp.
  • Turn your unit on as soon the storm over to prevent mold from growing in your ducts and system.

These tips will have your unit back operating at peak conditions as soon as the storm passes.

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