A functioning air conditioner is essential for your home or office during the hot summer months.  If you are experiencing times when your home or office is uncomfortably warm, and the AC is on, then don’t call your friend or some guy.  Call Reliable Electric because we Know A Guy…we’ll send out one of our licensed electricians to troubleshoot the problem with your HVAC system.  We’ve found that it is possible for cool air to be circulating from you unit, and your home or office remains hot.

Part 2 What Could Be Preventing CoolingAttic, insulation, Heat rises, AC,

Lack Of Shading

Rooms with lots of windows are typically hard to cool, especially if there are no trees to shade the windows.  Without shaded trees, the sun will heat the room.  We recommend planting a huge tree or add window treatments.

 Improper Ventilation

Did you know…improper ventilation can trap hot air in your home or office?  So even when the air conditioner is on, the space will be hot.  To prevent improper ventilation, make sure the vents in the attic are releasing sufficient hot air or this air will remain trapped inside your home or office.  Your AC will be effected by the improper cooling, resulting in your thermostat not shutting off.

Call Reliable Electric to handle your air conditioning needs.  Our licensed team is available 24 hours a day to repair air conditioning for your office as well as residential air conditioning units. 


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