Most people believe, to cool your home or office during summer months you must purchase a bigger air conditioner.   Well that’s not correct.  AC Units that are too large will cool less effectively and less efficiently.  If you use central air conditioning, set the compressor and the fan to shut off at the same time.   We suggest installing a whole-house fan to assist with cooling your home or office.   Whole-house fans pulls cool air through and exhaust warm air through the attic.


AC, air conditioning, Family Room, Den, Whole House Fan, Climate1.  Buy models with Energy Star and energy guide labels on it.

2.  Install an evaporative cooler or whole-house fan if you live in a warm climate.

3.  The smaller the difference is between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature the lower your energy bill.  Set the thermostat as the highest temperature that is comfortable to you.

4.  Use an interior fan to circulate cool air throughout.

5.  Be mindful of appliances near your thermostat.  Don’t place any appliances (Lamp,  TV, Toaster) that give off heat, or your air conditioner unit will run longer.

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