Is your air conditioner not working?  Time to call a professional.  Call Reliable Electric, we will send a licensed electrician to your home or office and have you cool in no time!    However, we know that you may need help in deciding if and when you should call, so here’s a checklist.

AC Checklist   AC, Air Conditioner, Air Conditoning, Breaker Panel, Breaker Box, Cooling, HVAC

  1. This may sound silly, but is the thermostat set to COOL?
  2. Another simple step is making sure the thermostat is turned down to the desired temperature?
  3. Check the breaker and make sure power is going to the unit inside and outside.
  4. If the outside unit isn’t running, see if there is a reset button and push it.
  5. Next check the condensate pump for the indoor unit.  Most condensate pumps have a safety switch that makes the unit turnoff if the pump overfills.

By now, you have troubleshot all that you can.  If your AC still isn’t working, call us because….”I Know A Guy.”  Got 30 seconds?  Check out our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT4eG47YOzM

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