surge protective, Surge Protector, surge protection, electrical surge protection, electrical surgeAs a home owner, you may have experienced a power surge scare.  And if you knew the damage it can do to your electronics and appliances will make clinch your wallet.  This is why Reliable Electric’s team of licensed electricians is on call 24/7 to install Whole House Surge Protection.

What Happens During A Surge?  During a voltage or power surge, a sudden change in the electrical conditions of the circuit causes a brief burst of energy.  Even though the surge lasts for only a millisecond, the surge causes a rise of voltage in appliance and electronic circuits.  A few hundred to several thousand volts create an instant threat to your home and office equipment and electronics.

After the Surge…If not protected with a Whole House Surge Protection, the surge can cause structure fires or damage expensive electronic equipment.   A Whole House Surge Protector is the best front line for eliminating your home or office risk of damage.

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