REliable Electric and Heating and Air Spring Deals

Is your Air Conditioner Ready?

Spring Tune-Up Special – $49.00

Reliable Electric Special Savings for Sprin
Includes: Check operating pressures, visual inspection for leaks, Lubricate moving parts, Check evaporator coil for proper drainage, check condensate pump, check filter, check AMP draws, check belt on blower, check that unit is level, check air temperature differential, shut down humidifier, check thermostat, check heat exchanger for any carbon monoxide leaks.

Is your Home Ready?

Indoor Air Purification Special – Starting at $225.00

Indoor Air Purification Special Install a UV Light in your Air Handler today. Purify the air you and your family breathe, reduce suffering from allergies, kill germs before they get in your home including the H1N1 and swine flu viruses, kills mold and mildews already in your system and keeps them out, making your whole house not only safer but smelling better too. Check out our packages starting as low as $225.

Click here for additional details and pricing options for the Indoor Air Purification Special

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