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The temperature is constantly rising this time of the year; and your air conditioner continues to run.  It’s not too late to schedule an AC tune-up that way you know your system is working properly.  Call Reliable Electric the moment you experience a change in your unit’s function.  For example, the air coming out isn’t cooling or heating your home.  We believe that indoor comfort is essential to your home. 

 We suggest the following options to prolong the life of your unit.  Tips from the family at Reliable Electric:

1.    To prevent the sun from heating up your home, we suggest planting leafy trees around your home’s exterior.

2.    Use mesh-like or solar screens on your windows.  They intercept about 70% of solar energy from coming into your home.

3.    When you aren’t at home, set your thermostat at 78 or 80 degrees.  You will save 5% -15% on your air conditioning.

4.    Use fans in your home.  Fans will have to circulate air especially on the second floor.

5.    Most importantly- Keep your air filters clean.  The filters allow for good air movement.

 These tips are sure to help your home stay cool this summer as well as keep your utility bill low.  If you are experiencing problems….Don’t call your friend to repair our unit.  Call Reliable Electric!  I Know A Guy to fix your AC Unit!

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