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Here in South Carolina the pollen count is often high http://www.pollen.com/allergy-weather-forecast.asp.  Thunderstorms and the wind can stir up large amounts of pollen, mold, and dust which can wreak havoc on your HVAC system.   All three are detrimental to allergy suffers and harmful to air conditioner units.    Due to high pollen counts, those who live in Brunswick, Horry, and Georgetown County must maintain their HVAC units properly.   AC units not properly maintained run below standard and reduce indoor air quality. Even dirty ducts and old air filters can expose your home or office to bacteria and viruses.

Most Common Ways Pollutants Enter Your HVAC System

  • Improper Air Balance
  • Dirt and Dust Build Up
  • Poorly Maintained Ducts
  • Damaged/Inefficient Filters
  • Dirty Drip Pan and Coils

Even though pollen and dust are outside, your indoor air quality should never be compromised.  To avoid costly repairs and unnecessary replacements have a preventative AC maintenance performed on your unit.  Call Reliable Electric at 843-215-7725 before stuffy air triggers your concern.


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