shutterstock_129532442During this holiday season, twinkling lights are placed on Christmas trees, rooftops, and front lawns all to create the magic of Christmas. It’s true holiday decorating is about adding warmth and sparkle to your home; however it is important to select the right type of lighting. This holiday season allow the Reliable Electric team to offer you and your family safety tips that ensure your home is not at risk of an electrical emergency or fire.

• We recommend purchasing lights that are UL-listed.
• If using previous year Christmas lights, inspect all electric decorations, lighting, and extension cords for damage. If damage is located replace or discard the decoration.
• Only have Christmas lights on when you are at home. Remember to turn lights off when leaving your home or going to bed.
• Blown fuses should be replaced with fuses of the same amp and volt. Always unplug lights before changing bulbs.
• When decorating your Christmas tree with lights, it’s important not to overload extension cords.
• To avoid overheating your home’s wall outlet, use a power breaker strip.
• If you are unsure as to whether lights are to be used indoor or outdoor, check the UL mark. A red UL mark indicates the lighting can be used both indoor and outdoor. Decorating with indoor products outside increases the chance of fire hazard or electric shock.
• From time to time, touch your Christmas light wires to make sure they are not warm.
• Hang Christmas lights with safety. When decorating outdoors use non-conductive materials like plastic or wood, instead of metal ladders to reduce your risk of electric shock

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