Since March, we have been asked why it’s important to have to have HVAC Tune-ups.  Homeowners also ask what they can do to extend the life of their units.  The Reliable Electric team always responds: 

1.    HVAC Tune-ups ensures your unit will work at peak performance.

2.    The best thing homeowners can do is to change the heating and cooling air filter.

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Remember, changing the air filter not only enhance your HVAC performance but    also your home’s air quality.  We have found that filters typically don’t get changed because homeowners can’t remember when to change them and not too sure how often the air filters should be changed. 

Living on the Grand Strand, we don’t see air conditioning as a luxury but a necessity.  The moment you suspect your AC unit isn’t cooling properly, contact Reliable Electric.  We will send a qualified HVAC professional to look at your air conditioner.  While at your home, we can either repair your unit or provide a detailed estimate for you to review. We only have 1 goal…to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Food For Thought….

No matter the manufacturer or cost of your HVAC unit, it is subject to repair or breaking down from time to time.  An AC Tune-up is the best defense to ensuring your unit is working perfectly for you and your family. 

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