Here are easy and doable cooling techniques to use in your home or office. While it’s an excellent idea to have your HVAC technician inspect and perform maintenance on your system every spring and fall, below are a few lighting tips you can do to make your environment cool and comfortable.
Table lamp by curtains in room
• Replace standard light bulbs with CFLs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs give off the same amount of light and are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs.
• Are you using the right light bulb? There are CFL bulbs designed for specific needs, so make sure you are using the appropriate bulb for the light fixture.
• Stop using halogen light bulbs. Who wants a fire hazard in their home or office? Replace halogen light bulbs with CFLs. Remember CLFs don’t get as hot and use less energy.
• Motion detector lights will help cut lighting costs. Use motion detector lights for indoors and outdoors.
• Help America save $8 billion a year in energy costs. You can help by replacing at least five of your most used light fixtures with Energy Star products.
• We use timers during the holidays but why not year round. Start using times to turn lights off and on.
• Designers…listen up. Consider replacing dark colored lamp shades with opaque or light colored shades. Placing lamps in the corner of a room help reflect light from two walls.

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